Personal protective equipment (PPE) kits are the most important barrier that prevents the transmission of the Coronavirus to our frontline health workers. The world is facing a shortage and the need will only increase as the number of cases rises.

Each PPE Kit is meant for one-time use and healthcare workers need at least 2-3 per day. Not only are our healthcare workers without a regular supply of PPE kits, but they are also even reusing some components, which is dangerous for them.

Our health system and service delivery would be handicapped if our healthcare workers are not safe. Aaroogya with its ground partners aims to protect our frontline workers by responding to their PPE kit demands to counter the short supply.

The SITRA certified kits will include masks, surgical/medical gloves, gowns, medical aprons, disposable goggles, hand washing liquid soap bottles, face-shield, hand towels etc.

Support our initiative to save our saviours. Your contribution will help them fight COVID safely and more effectively.



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