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We need your help today to save lives from Covid -19 and Cancer by early testing and screening of these two diseases - Two parallel life threatening pandemics. India is witnessing its worst humanitarian crisis in decades. Lack of timely testing is taking lives of thousands every day. Each hour is crucial. India needs Us to double its testing capacity for rapid isolation and management of these two diseases in early stages to assert control over the raging pandemic.Our efforts will not only decrease the number of deaths but also free up Critical Oxygen space for patients who need it the most. INDIA needs you right now.

On the other hand, Cancer may affect 130 million Indians by 2030 which is nearly 7 times the population of Mumbai and 3 times the population of California and a large majority of them will be from disadvantaged backgrounds. Today, poor awareness and lack of health infrastructure leads to late detection of cancer. As a result medical expenses are pushed up by 5 times sending the whole family into a poverty trap. 600 women die due to cancer in India everyday. We at Aaroogya foundation want to change that. We work on early cancer diagnosis in the most vulnerable group of patients - women, who suffer from 3 of the top 5 occurring cancers. We empower frontline health workers like Asha/ANM in India and mid level healthcare workers in Africa to screen women for cancer. We do this through Artificial intelligence assisted tech intervention and on-ground support by our fellows and partner organizations.

Pledge your support, donate now!

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