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July Cancer Screening and Training in Pune, Maharashtra

During July 12-16th, Aaroogya headed a special project in the Pune district of Maharashtra to execute breast cancer screening, oral examinations, and give free Pap smear tests for cervical cancer for 300 women in partnership with Silicon Valley Global Health. This is part of Aaroogya's preventative health care thrust in Pune wherein we are endeavoring to give free primary screenings of breast, cervical and oral cancers in 7000 underserved women.

The project has been run by local women community healthcare workers who have been trained to screen for the aforementioned cancers using the Aaroogya-developed MyHealthline application. An on-ground screening camp has also been set up in Yerawada, where 5 healthcare workers are present.

In one recorded case, “a girl 25 years old and married with three kids was diagnosed with pre-cancerous lesions and it all started with early marriage, unsafe sex and non-conducive hygiene" says Dr. Priyanjali Datta, director of the initiative and co-founder of Aaroogya International. "That motivates us to do what we do: build technology to prevent cancer deaths.” Practically, this Pune project is a part of an even larger goal: help make Pune the "first district in India to have annual screenings for women's health and cancer door to door and eventually launch in the whole state of Maharashtra'' as Dr. Datta envisions.

Thank you to our funders, HDFC Start Up Smart Up, Schlumberger, PepsiCo, Daan Utsav by The Nudge Foundation, and Give India, and our partner Healthplus wellness and diagnostics from New Delhi!

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