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An AI-assisted tech intervention and on-ground fellows, Aaroogya is enabling early cancer detection

As of today, 3 out of 1000 people have been victimised due to “COVID 19 pandemic” The silent “cancer pandemic” happening year after year will affect 100 out of every 1000 Indians will have cancer by 2030. Women will suffer from the 3 of the top 5 cancers (Breast, Cervical and Oral)

Late detection of cancers due to poor awareness and infrastructure causes death and pushes the whole family into a poverty trap. Late detection of cancer causes the expenses to go upto INR 1.5M - 2M/ USD $20,000 to 27,000 versus INR 0.4M/ USD $5,500 when detected early.

3T: Technology (product suite), training (ARPHFellows), tracking (FHW and patients) My Healthline constituting of Web portal, Application and Helpline system in many languages Indian and International languages. The frontline healthcare workers armed with AI enabled software will conduct symptom assessments, surveys and screen the target population for Oral,Cervical,Breast cancers and Covid-19. The continuous process over the period of the programme will result in skilled healthcare workers, an aware general population, seed the preventive healthcare acumen and collect real time health data. The real time health data will help Map the population for Habits,chronic diseases and disease burden.

Team: We are doctors, Co- Founded Aaroogya while working at ESIC hospital. Our team and board members from Johns Hopkins University, IIT, Stanford University and Rikkyo University bring expertise in onground healthcare delivery, strategic planning, tech anthropology, Product development, data science, Machine learning and fundraising.

Impact: We have screened 51000+ women and detected 2900+ cases of confirmed cancer. During Covid, we created a consortium of 23 socio-tech organizations and our infrastructure to train a community of 1000 healthcare workers who in turn reached 100,000 people.

Pivoted during Pandemic and are leading a consortium of 23 socio-tech organizations called ‘covid 19 well being task force. We created (Midwives, ASHA workers, doctors).We have. We are now replicating the Women Cancer early detection and covid program in Uganda, Africa.

Aaroogya aims to empower women with unique cancer risk ID and profile for each one and everyone. We are developing a holistic Ecosystem of intelligent tools, enabled manpower and decentralized delivery methods to detect cancer early.

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