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COVID - 19 Pandemic Wellbeing Task Force

Act now Emergency COVID - 19 crisis management response by Aaroogya International as Collective Action Services

We need your help today to save lives from Covid -19 and Cancer by early testing and screening of these two diseases - Two parallel life threatening pandemics. We are testing and screening underprivileged people for COVID - 19 and Cancers like Breast, Cervical and Oral cancer going door to door in New Delhi and Maharashtra, India.

We are providing equipments like RT- PCR machine for COVID - 19 testing, Protective gear to healthcare workers, ventilators, Bipap, Oxygen cylinders and Oxygen concentrators to medical care centres like Healthplus in New Delhi, India.

Free teleconsultation and telehealth education with doctors and healthcare professionals in multiple languages in India. We have a free helpline information support called COVID - 19 wellbeing helpline in 13 languages.

COVID - 19 Pandemic Wellbeing Task Force - A Crowdsourced information exchange platform for crisis management assistance

Work done in Pandemic crisis management in 2020 plus Video

Key successes in My HealthLine project led by Aaroogya International

  • Received 1.5 lakh calls to My HealthLine and created a consortium of 23 Social and Technology organisations called COVID-19 Pandemic Wellbeing Task Force operating 55 places across India

  • Of these 25000+ calls to My HealthLine were for medical services like suspected COVID cases concerns, general health issues, women’s health and mental health

  • 104 calls received and serviced with requests for PPE kits

  • Website with videos in 11 languages and helpline in 13 languages available for health education - social distancing, hand hygiene, fighting stigma due to COVID, etc.

  • 27000+ site visitors accessing educational content

  • 4400+ high-risk communities (slums, migrants) undergoing COVID-19 screening - 167 high-risk patients identified and provided information for testing

  • 1000+ doctors, policy makers, entrepreneurs, scientists and civil society orgs reached

COVID-19 Pandemic Wellbeing Taskforce im
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Patient Testimonial

Pallavi, at the age of 25, during this pandemic, is one amongst women do not have access to doctors to cater to their problems, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds. On May 30, 2020, Aaroogya Foundation received a request from Goonj to provide teleconsultations to some of the disabled women residing at Shahdara, Delhi. Aaroogya case workers immediately connected with Mr. Sonu who represented them. Parvati was among a community of 4500 disabled women, having no access to healthcare in the time of crisis. Most of the women were suffering from symptoms like excessive menstrual bleeding, vaginal itching, excoriation, excessive painful intercourse, missed periods, fatigue and breathlessness. A doctor from Aaroogya helped Parvati and the other women by giving medical advice and catering to their health needs.

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