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Democratizing Healthcare till the Last Mile: Breast, Cervical, and Oral cancer screenings

“Early Detection and Secondary Prevention”

Beyond our most prominent works in Delhi, Rishikesh, Kolkata, Buxar, and the state of Meghalaya, our work in 5 districts of Uttar Pradesh—encompassing Hapur, Ghaziabad, Great Noida, and the area near the Hindon Belt—included a strategic study of the local anthropological ecosystem, physical diagnoses for 1759 women and men in the ratio of 7:3 aged 15 and older using our Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Thermomammogram by Niramai, and preventative follow-ups with patients to assure their access to a secondary or tertiary health care center.

“Democratize healthcare till the last mile.”:

With the help of a panel of medical practitioners and experts and Internet of Things technology, Aaroogya has been able to work towards bringing healthcare to the most remote and inaccessible parts of rural India by developing Telehealth, AI, and behavior-driven diagnostic solutions.

These solutions have allowed Aaroogya to create and manage live health records of patients so that patients can be evaluated for cancerous growth, triaged, and assigned a particular plan of action depending on severity. Through these innovations we work in tandem with the National Health Protection’s program Ayushman Bharat, which aims to reach over 100 million families with little to no access to basic health care facilities by establishing public health, primary care, and wellness centers around the nation.

Aaroogya-Eximious Health - Analytics Rep
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